Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Yesterday, Jupiter moved from the sign of his detriment Capricorn into Aquarius. Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn took more than a year, and as I wrote earlier, I expected his influence on cinema to be rather disappointing: this was time to make money rather than create masterpieces.

One can hardly recall a masterpiece among all those hancocks of 2008, and even Mamma Mia, with great ABBA songs and ugly voices of the actors, was an artificial production whose main aim was to earn (certainly very favourable for ABBA sales).

All the major blockbusters came out to be too dark, secondary and unimpressive. In the BBC annual film review, I noticed phrase “failed to make much of impression”, which is quite indicative.

I might have called a masterpiece the film released last week, “The Reader”, but even this one is an illustration of the Jupiter in Capricorn: Cardano says on this constellation in aphorism 2.45 of Lilly’s edition about “power under pretence of justice” with “unfortunate issue” – come and see the film to understand how true this is.

Now, as Jupiter is in Aquarius (and weak, being peregrine yet), look at the oncoming movies to find which of them are weird enough to indicate the planetary change…

Update of February 23. I was glad to see Kate Winslet finally - and so well deserved - collecting this year's Bafta, Golden Globes and, today, the Oscar. Well done to her Venus on Regulus, at last!


Wink B said...

Agreed. This year saw a couple decent blockbuster comic book movies, but even the Dark Knight was overhyped and subsequently overrated. In regards to The Reader, I found it an unbearable snoozefest, but hey, that's just me.

Valerie Livina said...


Thank you very much for your comment.

Have you heard today news about Kate Winslet and her Golden Globe Award for The Reader? :) Have you heard her award speech? I find it fascinating: she is a very emotional person, but look how she performed Hanna... I am very impressed how she developed from a blonde starlet in "Titanic" into such a great actress...

Valerie Livina said...

Here it is :)